Services You Can Sell Online


Generally, we use the internet to the buy products we need or look for information online. But people with technical skills and administrative expertise are leveraging the power of internet to find clients, offer their services and get some extra income. 

Freelance sites, social media networks, forums and free ads sites have made it easy for anyone to advertise their services online. Anyone and everyone can sell a service. Whether you are managing an agency, running your own business or wanting to work independently, you can be a service provider online and make serious money from home.

Selling services online allows you to increase your market reach, expand your network, improve online portfolio and find great opportunities to boost your overall revenues. Moreover, you can become your own boss, work in flexible hours and take control of your future.

Here are the top services you can sell online and get good pay full time or part time, per hour or fixed price;

Virtual Assistant/VA

VA work offers many opportunities for professionals with a background in managing administrative errands on a daily basis. To become a VA, you need to have expertise in managing contacts, setting up appointments or meetings, handling inquiries by phone or email, handling personal errands as requested by the client, handling correspondence and more other responsibilities that range from administrative to technical matters. In this job, you can be paid per hour or a fixed salary per month.

Content Writing

If writing is your passion, can write in English very well and can able to produce a ton of quality and unique articles a day, you can make a lot of money from writing contents for a company or website. Your job as a writer is to tell stories, promote products, do thorough research to come up with a new original content, create content for pages, provide tips and be published. A writer earns per hour or per number of words.

Internet Marketing/SEO/SMM/SEM

Internet marketing is a process of promoting a company, a niche business, products or services to boost its online visibility, traffic and web ranking. As an internet marketer, you must have knowledge in various web marketing platforms and knows the most effective techniques on how to successfully market a business or website. Your main responsibilities are to analyze a website, make a plan, organize contents, optimize website by obtaining quality links, set up a campaign, create and manage online profiles and track progress using certain tools. Entry level marketers earn per hour, per month or per result.

Web Designing

Web designing is a technical expertise done by a highly skilled web designer whom the job is to create a website for a client or a company, gather all information needed to complete the website, set up codes and do some programming works. Additionally, a professional and reliable web designer can build beautiful and responsive pages, articulate the needs of each and every client and made necessary changes. In this service, you can earn pretty good income per milestone, per completed website or per hour.

Graphic Designing

Graphic designing is a combination of art and technology where a designer creates an idea to produce nice and artistic images using computer software that can be used in many purposes. The primary roles of graphic designers is to make sure that they meet the requirements of every client, provide some useful tips, create images that convey effective copy, develop images for products or branding, pick the best colors, style and layout, present the design, make changes and review the designs for errors.


Promoting services has no limits. Anyone with a desire to make money online, work virtually at home and run a business online can sell their skills and expertise regardless of their age, educational background and experience. So do you think you have what it takes to be a certified service provider online? Can you do any of the above tasks? Then maybe it’s time to sell your services online now!

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